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Fantastic Finds


Our variety booth mall is very unique. It is home to a number of dealers of antiques, vintage, and collectible items, as well as arts, crafts, and home accessories. Shoppers love the environment and the selection inside our mall, and we recieve positive comments from both shoppers and dealers on a daily basis. 


The mall allows dealers to display their merchandise in a comfortable, secure, and smoke-free indoor climate-controlled environment. The parking area and mall are located so as to make shopping easily accessible to everyone.

There are no required dealer workdays, so once your booth is set-up, you can go about your daily life confident that we and our staff will work for you every day of the week providing security, customer assistance, and sales suppport. 

You are asked to visit your booth at least monthly to restock and rearrange, although we find that those who visit weekly to service their booth seem to have more success (generally speaking).

All inventory and sales transactions are computerized, and you will receive a detailed report each month with your settlement check. There are currently no local requirements for business licenses.


We advertise regularly in local newspapers, regional industry-specific publications, flyers placed in other malls and shops, and various other methods, as well as maintaining an Internet site for the mall, which you are now viewing.

We routinely have over 2,000 shoppers each month, with the majority making purchases. Many of our regular customers visit weekly just to check out the new vendors and the new merchandise brought in by our current dealers.

Our Mission Statement is our promise to our dealers and customers: 

The Mission Statement of Fantastic Finds is to provide a comfortable and secure mall environment for dealers and customers of antiques, vintage, collectibles, arts, crafts, and home accessories. We will strive to maintain neatness, cleanliness, and safety in the mall. Each staff member will make a personal commitment to establish relationships with dealers and customers, conducting all business in an honest and professional manner.

Newton is located just east of Hickory, in the geographical center of Catawba County. The county is home to over 146,000 people. The Hickory Metropolitan Area, made up of Catawba, Alexander, Burke and Caldwell counties, is the fourth largest in the state with a population of approximately 342,000. The Hickory Metro area is also home to the corporate headquarters of 40 firms with at least 500 employees each and $500 million in sales.


Fantastic Finds is located in a high-traffic area of Newton, with more commercial development expected in the immediate area over the next few years. There are currently a number of similar but smaller shops within two miles of our location, which encourages travelers to visit the area.  We have found over the years that we are, in fact, a destination with visitors traveling a hundred miles or more just to shop with us. 


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